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Reiki & Mindfulness Education

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What are the benefits of Reiki practice?

As a Reiki practitioner you are opened to the beautiful flow of universal life force energy. Through this connection and the practices learned in a Reiki course you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the interconnectedness of all life. With dedicated practice you can achieve new level of peace of mind and spirit.

Recipients of Reiki healing often describe a feeling of being cared for. They gain a feeling of deep relaxation that allows their bodies to facilitate healing on all levels.

About Us

At Kinetic Roots LLC., we believe in building a foundation for holistic wellness through our quality Reiki education. Our founder, Reiki Master-Teacher Michael Ward, has dedicated his career to promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through Reiki workshops in the Usui-Tibetan lineage. We supplement this with additional modalities such as massage therapy continuing education, sound healing, mindfulness workshops, and integrative bodywork. Welcome to our safe space and community!


Our Services

  • A Sound Bath & Reiki Experience

    From 1 US dollar

Eboni  Reid, LMBT

“Thank you for this class! The information & meditations were helpful. Also, thanks for making this class affordable. I will recommend this class to others."

Michelle Pruitt, CYT

"I can't begin to explain,all I can say is pure magic. The shared energy of peers, the knowledge, history ...and hello attunement! I tingle still as I type this. "Just for today, be peace"

Marcena Hicks, LMBT

“Michael Ward is awesome and passionate about what he does! Thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's class!”

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